Entering the Final Weeks of Lent


Welcome back to the Spring Semester 2015!  Hopefully the break was a time to recharge and maybe finally get caught up on all the sleep you’ve been putting off since that first week of classes!  We’re now closer to the end of Lent than the beginning, and as I think back on all the lofty ideas I had at the beginning of this season, I can feel the discouragement begin to set in.  I have not managed to meet my goals every day of this season.  I have probably not managed to meet my goals more often than I have successfully met them.  As soon as these thoughts start, it’s all a downward spiral.  It’s so incredibly easy for me to get caught up in feeling like a failure, but in the end that accomplishes nothing.  Whether you’ve managed to resist eating chocolate for the last four weeks, or only for two days in a row, you managed to resist, at least for a little while.  Which is a success no matter how you look at it.  Besides, beating yourself up over the past does no one any good.  And the season of Lent isn’t over yet!  With a little over a week left, now is a great time to think back over the past weeks, and maybe re-motivate yourself for these last few days.  What do you still want to accomplish?  And if you’ve already met your goals, what can you do to exceed them?  For myself, I’m planning on spending a little less time caught up in the ‘failures’ of the past few weeks, and concentrating a little more on what I can do in this next week and a half!

~Christine Pollnow

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