Methodist and Episcopal joint worship

Charles and John Wesley were Anglican clergy known for contributing many memorable hymns to the Church repertoire that are still sung and and enjoyed today.  John Wesley is also credited with the movement that became known as Methodism that arose after his death in 1791.  On March 3, the Church remembers John and Charles and their legacy. Click here to read more.
Today, March 3, 2015, join Chaplain Mary Cat Young in attending shared Eucharist at 5:30 pm between the Episcopal Church and the United Methodist Church under the TEC-UMC Common Guidelines for Interim Eucharist Sharing. These are exciting times for Anglican-Methodist cooperation worldwide, as recently in Ireland several Methodist consecrators joined in Canon Kenneth Kearon’s consecration as Bishop of Limerick and Killaloe in the Church of Ireland.
A team, of clergy and laity from both denominations in the New York area has been attempting to walk along the same paths. and the March 3 service is the fruition of this. United Methodist New York Annual Conference Resident Bishop Jane Allen Middleton will preside, while Bishop Stacy F. Sauls, the Chief Operating Officer of the national Episcopal Church, will preach.
Informal fellowship and free pizza will follow. The John Street parish started out as a prayer circle of Methodists who would also attend formal services at Trinity Church.
After American independence, and the consequent formal break between Methodists and Episcopalians, these ties were severed; this service is a small step in reconnecting them.
The John Street Church is on 44 John Street, south of City Hall, and near the Fulton Street stations on the A, C, 2,3, 4, and 5 lines.

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