Reflections on Lenten disciplines and blogging on the precipice of Holy Week

This afternoon I’ll be preparing to enter Holy Week by spending a quiet afternoon reflecting on Mary Magdalene, her ministry and how it might invite me to a new pathway toward God.  What have you been up to this Lenten season that has allowed you to set aside things that are taking up unnecessary space, or invite you into a new way of being present to and receptive to God at work in your life?

Has this blog been a place that has invited you to be active in your Lenten journey? Reflective? Introduced new things? Called on you to be present to yourself and to this journey?  This was a new thing for me – something I wanted to try in a new way – expanding the invitation of Lent through regular offerings and invitations to the Canterbury community.  For me it has been a struggle – a struggle with intentionality, with doing a public Lenten discipline, rather than a private, hidden, masked one.  But I have learned much through that struggle, through my successes and through my failures to fulfill this commitment.  And I have been very present to what I asked of myself, what I have tried to offer.

One thing that I have learned is that offering a public, online invitation, has meant that the site has been viewed over 500 times, by computers and the U.S. and from 15 foreign countries – including: Russia, Chile, Australia, Sweden, India and Israel.  How amazing to have a sense of how one small contribution can have such an expansive impact.  What a reflection on what it means to be about what God is up to in our lives and community, and to share that with others.  The ripple effect is real, and as this season of Lent comes to a close, and the great 50 days of Eastertide are almost on the horizon, I look forward to seeing what and how this place of offering will continue to be, to draw others into community, into relationship, into experience of God at work in our lives, our loves and our actions in the world.

Peace, MCY

Chaplain, Canterbury Downton

See more about Mary and what I’ll be up to this afternoon:

The story of Mary Magdalene reveals what it means to be fully present to God and to bear witness to God’s life-giving acts. She is, therefore, a model for all who seek a deeper relationship with the holy and for any who would serve as a spiritual companion to others.

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