Coexist Prize Winners — Let their voices be heard

Last night I had the privilege to congratulate the six finalist for the Coexist Prize and the celebrate the winner, a woman who is changing lives by empowering women and children with education, interfaith community building, and hope.

Learn more about her and the work of the other finalists here:

Prior to the award ceremony, a panel of representatives from Christianity, Judaism, and Islam sat together on the stage to discuss what challenges interfaith dialog reveals, and what strengths we can gain from being engaged in this work together.  Passion, commitment, and respect for the presence of one another in this world, and in this work was clear — as was honesty about the voice of extremism captivating the public discourse between these groups here in America and in places around the world.

The Coexist Foundation sought candidates who are working to bring about greater connectivity and new life in places where there has been fear-based violence and destruction.  Learn from these leaders, these organizers, these hope-workers, and help their voice, their work, their impact become the newsworthy headlines.  Share this with friends, and be a part of the change, be the voice that you wish to see and hear in the world.

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