Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy

Since it is Saturday, this here post is coming a little later in the day. . .  This morning I “rested-in.”

Earlier this week I included some comments on Sabbath in the Canterbury Downtown weekly e-news.  For those of you who missed them, they can be found at the end of this posting.*

Keeping  with my intention for this blog, I will continue to include invitations to enter into Lent every day.  Today I offer a list created by a self-proclaimed “Sarcastic Lutheran” whose invitation to Lent has a listing of 40 ways to pay attention to a need, interact with another, reach out-reach in to God.  She has style and humor and is a contemporary Christian in a post-modern world.  Over the years I have found Lutherans to be great companions in ministry and humor.  Enjoy.

*Sabbath is traditionally the day at the end of the week, where rest is called for after much as been done.  Students don’t always get a full, or fully restful “sabbath” as is it would seem, there always work to be done, there are always deadlines to make and sometimes work, grocery shopping and other necessary things fill up the what

free time there is on days when classes are

not scheduled — some even have classes and rehearsals on Saturdays!

During this Lent, let Saturdays be a reminder to you that you need and deserve rest.

Take time for sabbath by doing something that you love (not just sleep), that feeds and refreshes you, for one day each week, and allow yourself to just be, to let your soul catch up with you…

Another option for Sabbath in Lent…

Several Quiet days will be offered on Saturdays during Lent.

See if you can set aside a day to be quiet, and rest in prayer and community through these opportunities…

Saturday, March 3, Quiet Day at St. John’s in the Village:

Saturday, March 24, Young Adult Quiet Day at Calvary-St. George’s

**Saturdya, March 24, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Lenten Quiet Day at the Church of the Ascension  (**newly added info)

Saturday, March 31, Multi-parish Quiet Day hosted by St. James Episcopal Church

More info to come.

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